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“Is sex dirty? Only when it's being done right.”                             Vibrator Only for £18.95
― Woody Allen

LoveBuzzZ Velvet  is a luxury vibrating anal Sex Toy that has been special designed in a way to truly give  you explosive orgasms.
This beautifully crafted vibrator with multi-functions is in a class of its own for the price. Feels lovely and the  quality is great! 
Its is 100% silicone, multi speed, Waterproof, Unscented, phthalate free.

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If you are seeking a couple of helpful tips. We would suggest few points for girls/ladies/women to use vibrators with

  • Knowing your Vibrator
  • Move from the outside in
  • Explore every inch rather than rushing things
  • Enjoy the speed
  • Play safely & with pressure
  • Be On point or on an edge
  • Vibrator should be safe for penetration

WeVibe 4 Clitoral and GSpot Vibrator Pink - Buy UK WeVibe Vibrator @ £115.00

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We Vibe 4 takes couples to new heights of intimate pleasure. She wears it during sex for extra stimulation to her clitoris and G Spot. Together they both share the vibe. New Form and Fit, more satisfying than ever Clitoral Stimulator Curved clitoral stimulator follows the curve of her body. Contoured underside gently rests between the labia. Control button repositioned for easier use. Mid Section Stiff mid section for snug fit. Contact is maintained with the clitoris and G Spot. She feels stronger, more directed vibrations. G Spot Stimulator Rests in place behind the pelvic bone preventing We Vibe from coming out unintentionally. New internal shape adds stability. Flat underside creates more room for him. The WeVibe 4 comes with its own storage case which is compact, discreet which is also its charging base. The We Vibe 4 is fully charged in 6 hours and has a run time of 3 hours on low and up to 90 minutes on high. Eco friendly rechargeable battery with USB connection. The token of a great product though, is that its design can be used in a variety of ways not just in its designed use. Out of bedroom adventures Due to the discreet design, whisper quiet motors and the wireless remote you can take the We Vibe out on the town With one partner wearing the We Vibe and the other controlling the remote dinner dates get a little more exciting. Manual Stimulation aka Vibrating Hand Jobs With plenty of lubricant hold We Vibe in your palm and stroke your partners penis as you would normally. Oral Sex Wear the WeVibe on your throat while performing oral sex the receiving partner will feel the vibration. Female partner wears the larger end internally and the slimmer end against the perineum while partner performs oral sex. Wrap the We Vibe around male partners scrotum during oral sex. Extra stimulation to the testicles will enhance the experience. Anal Sex Play Female Partner, Wear the slimmer end in your rectum and the larger end will sit on your perineum. The male partner will be able to feel the vibration through the vaginal wall. Male Partner, Try a little prostate massage. Slip the slimmer end in the rectum and rest the larger end on the perineum during oral or vaginal sex. The stimulation on the shaft of his penis, perineum which is packed with nerve endings and prostate will be very satisfying. Double Penetration, Female partner wears the larger end vaginally and the slimmer end resting against the clitoris. Couple has anal sex. Strap On Sex Women wears We Vibe as intended but underneath a strap on harness proceed with business as usual. For double the fun add two We Vibes. One for the person wearing the harness and one for the person receiving the pleasure. Double stimulation With one woman laying on their back wearing We Vibe in its intended position another woman straddles on top and grinds against their partner and they both share the vibration.

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